How to cook Eggs

Who doesn’t like a nice soft boiled egg where the yolk runs out. Or a hard-boiled egg mixed inside your favorite salad. We all love it, but what is now the best way to cook your eggs? We try to explain to you…



Ready In:

+/- 10 min.


72 Kcal

Good For:



    • 1 egg
    • 500 ml water
    • 6 minuts cooking soft boiled egg
    • 10 minuts cooking hard boiled egg

Another benefit of eggs, just drop it in water and it’s tasty! No need for extra seasoning or other ingredients. Of course, you can use your perfectly cooked egg also in salads, on bread, … 

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Bring a generous amount of water to the boil in a cooking pot.

Step 2

 Make a really smal hole in the top of your egg. This makes sure that your egg will not brake when cooking and let the air out.

Step 3

 Use a spoon to let your egg slide softly in the boiling water and put a timer on 6 minutes or 10 minutes depending on if you’re hungry for a soft or hard boiled egg.

Step 4

Keep an eye on your water and make sure that it’s boiling just softly for the entire cooking time of your egg. 

Step 5

When your timer lets you know that the cooking time is over, take the egg out of the pot and put it under cold water to make sure it doesn’t boil any further. 

Step 6

Enjoy your well deserved egg! 


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